Friday, April 29, 2011

The purpose of this page

Business social media is a HUGE wave that will overtake you if you do not figure out how to use it. Since reading Jeffery Gitomer's Social BOOM!, I have been trying to learn the best way to use this fast growing phenomenon. It is still in its infancy, but is growing faster than any of us can imagine and we need to get on board with it. The point of this page, my blog and other business social media outlets is to figure this out together and to get powerful ideas on how to improve our lives. We are witnessing a shift from traditional marketing methods like cold calling, email and direct mail to a more passive (but powerful) method of creative exposure. Business social media is more a buying community than it is a selling community. Most of us know how to tell people about our value, but do we know how to convey our value through our everyday interactions on social media? If we don't figure this out, we will eventually be left wondering what happened. Invite others to this page, it will evolve and grow and become more valuable, the more we share it and ask other people we respect to get involved in this conversation.

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