Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Comp Services is ready to grow!

As I return from a few days at the ADP Augusta facility, I have a renewed excitment around our Comprehensive Services business. For many years ADP has been a service organization, but in the past 30 or so, we have done so with technology only. By adding a people and partner element to the technology we have been thrown full force into the Business Process Outsourcing arena, and we are poised to lead it! The Comp Services group, led by Mary Ann Moffo, is a fast growing enterprise that is doing it right. The experience starts as soon as you approach the state of the art modern facility in South Georgia, complete with fully functional training rooms, well lit and comfortable work spaces, an elegant dining area and an impressive fitness center. During our tour of the facility, it became apparent that this is no call center. The feeling I got was that these teams truly see themselves as part of our clients' organization. They are there to help and there is certainly not a "get them in and get them out" approach to inbound phone calls; only complete satisfaction will do. The mantra of Mike Taylor's RM group is: "we want our clients to say, 'what did we ever do before ADP' when assessing the decision to partner with us." The three flavors of the Comp Services offering (Comp HR, Comp Benefits and the new Comp Payroll) allow our clients valuable options when it comes to customizing a solution to fit their unique environment. All in all, Brad Katz, Brian Murphy and Mary Ann put on a great day and a half and I am now ready to take our business to the next level in New England!!!! Thanks for a great experience!!!

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